Where are you from? Lexington, VA

What are you doing in NYC? I moved to NYC 14 years ago with the intention of staying a few years. Now that we have our flagship store on the UWS, we are here to stay. I got hooked on the energy and rhythm of the city.

What do you love most about working for KT? I feel lucky to be able to be creative everyday and to interact with such interesting people. We love having our store located in a place where we meet tourists from all over the world and also get to know all the UWS locals in the neighborhood. Our collection is such a part of us, and when customers appreciate it, we automatically have a connection. We are first and foremost a family business, and I really appreciate working with my husband Zoubir. We juggle work with taking care of our kids Sophia (9) and Liam (7), who love nothing more than to spend a Saturday morning helping me "work" at the store. The store is a big part of our family and vice-versa, and we feel lucky to be able to surround ourselves with such amazing employees who make the energy of the place so special. And did I mention that seeking inspiration through travel is part of the job? I looove that. 

What is your favorite KT piece and why? The gold square of Pave diamonds 14-Karat Gold Necklace. Diamonds are my birthstone, but I tend to go for more colorful gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires. This necklace is classic with a touch of an edge, and it is such an easy piece to wear daily. 


Where are you from? Lived in a few places in my life but I call San Diego home. I'm a California girl at heart.

What are you doing in NYC? I landed back here after living in Senegal, West Africa & have been working & taking in all this city has to offer ever since.

What do you love most about working for KT? I have a strong creative side, so you'll see my design work in both the window and store displays for KT. I love the people, the community we are a part of & supporting a small family business.

What is your favorite KT piece and why? I think I have to say the first handmade piece I bought from KT - my Lotus Flower Gold Necklace. Makes me smile. :)


Where are you from? The sunshine state! Jacksonville, Florida.

What are you doing in NYC? I moved to NYC after finishing my Master's program. I was drawn to the city as a hub of innovation.

What do you love most about working for KT? I love how the rhythm of the city shows in the jewelry pieces. The team is made up of amazing artists and designers; each person has something cool happening, and we're all brought together by jewelry.

What is your favorite KT piece and why? I love the adjustable gold ring because each one is unique. Another favorite of mine is the hematite cluster and rose gold earrings. Finally, our bags


Where are you from? I'm from Paris, France. 

What are you doing in NYC? I came with my husband, who works in the wine industry. My career is as a flight attendant. I am happiest in the skies. In New York, I have done real estate and now retail. It keeps things interesting.  

What do you love most about working for KT? I have two young daughters, and I love the fact that I can still pick them up from school, while enjoying with Katie and crew. Plus, what is there not to like about working with this beautiful jewelry. The style brings me back to Paris....

What is your favorite KT piece and why? As a Parisian, my style is classic and minimalist. So my first choice are the brushed circle necklaces


Where are you from? I am originally from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, a super cute and bohemian coastal town about an hour away from New Orleans.  My family is from the New Orleans area, so that culture of art, music, and food has always been a huge part of my life.

What are you doing in NYC? I moved to NYC 6 years ago to do a Master of Music degree at NYU.  I ended up staying and have just recently finished a doctorate in music and am an active freelancing classical flutist and teacher in the Greater NYC area.  

What do you love most about working for KT? I love working at KTCollection for so many reasons!  Our new store is gorgeous and I love seeing the light come through the windows, making the jewelry sparkle.  I also enjoy interacting with new people, understanding their style, and helping them find the perfect gift or piece for themselves to brighten their day.

What is your favorite KT piece and why? My favorite KT pieces are probably the variety of beautiful, minimalist necklaces we have. They are so dainty yet modern and perfect for everyday wear, like the circle cluster necklace.  I love mixing metals, so the pieces with gold and silver are a lot of fun! 


Where are you from? I'm from Lexington, VA - home to both Katie Thompson and myself!

What are you doing in NYC? I just graduated from the University of Virginia and recently started working as an Account Manager at a tech startup called Yext. 

What do you love most about working for KT?
Having worked in retail for all four years of high school, I am excited to get back into the business. The holiday market at Bryant Park is going to be particularly interesting and fun, and I'm really looking forward to it!

What is your favorite KT piece and why?
I think simple is best! I love the classic large silver teardrop hoop earrings.


Where are you from? I am a born and bred New Yorker. I grew up in Rockland County but now call the Upper West Side home.

What are you doing in NYC? I love New York and consider it to be a huge part of who I am.

What do you love most about working for KT? I love being part of the KT Team and my absolute favorite thing to do is to help customers select the right jewelry for formal events and special occasions. Just bring me pictures of the dress and the sky's the limit (You can also bring in the dress!). Whether in formal wear or running around in jeans and a t-shirt, you will be your best, most confident self in pieces that make you happy and you are comfortable wearing.

What is your favorite KT piece and why? I am a huge fan of the Seven Way Large Gold Necklace especially the extra long one! It is incredibly versatile and takes any outfit from boring to polished. I am always a fan of the small mixed metal nugget hoops and, of course, our stacking rings.


Where are you from? Lexington, VA. I'm a small-town country girl at heart, but I love the thrill of NYC! 

What are you doing in NYC? I'm an oboist! I moved to NYC a couple years ago after living and playing in the Santiago Philharmonic (Chile) for eight years. I freelance with different ensembles around NYC and I'm also finishing up my doctorate. 

What do you love most about working for KT? Everyone who comes into the store is always happy to be there, and the excitement at finding the perfect gift or personal treat is contagious. One of my favorite things is when we successfully pair jewelry with a specific outfit; that feeling is hard to beat.

What is your favorite KT piece and why? The ring(s)...! All the ladies on our team know that I adore showing off our beautiful ring collection. There's always a unique piece that speaks to each customer. Come try them on with me! 


Where are you from? San Francisco, California originally and China as of age 13.

What are you doing in NYC? I moved to NYC a year ago to attend a great acting conservatory program in the city. This is my first time living on the East Coast and first time back in the States in 12 years. I'm pursuing my acting and entertainment career here while getting amazing training and meeting wonderful and creative people. So far I'm loving it!

What do you love most about working for KT? The jewels, the jewels, the jewels! I've been interested in accessories and especially design for quite a few years now. Having the opportunity to learn about precious metals and gems is  a fascinating experience for me. KT and the team are extremely passionate and knowledgable. I feel like I'm constantly learning new things here! Of course getting to try on all of the beautiful things we have isn't so bad either. :)

What is your favorite KT piece and why? My favorite pieces are the Teardrop Gold Earrings and Tiered Circles Gold Necklace. I also love pretty much all of the gemstone rings and the costume jewelry here is great as well!


Where are you from? I'm from Bainbridge Island, Washington

What are you doing in NYC? I came here to study acting at NYU. Now, I'm modeling and acting.

What do you love most about working for KT? I love all the beautiful jewelry and wonderful people! 

What is your favorite KT piece and why? My favorite pieces are the stacking rings. I think they're so fun and add an effortless cool-factor to any outfit.


Where are you from? Puebla, Mexico

What are you doing in NYC? I have lived here for many years and it is now my home. 

What do you love most about working for KT? I love making the jewelry and designing new pieces. Katie and I work well together. She is good at simple and sleek styles, and I love bringing in the details and adding lots of gemstones. We complement each other. Although I spend most of my time in the studio, and not in the store, I still get to see people walking around the neighborhood with our handmade jewelry, and it makes me feel good. 

What is your favorite KT piece and why? I love the mini hoops and I like many of our handmade bracelets


Where are you from? The South of France

What are you doing in NYC? Katie and I met while she was studying in France.  I moved here with her 14 years ago. I love this city for its mix of cultures and the freedom you have to reinvent yourself. 

What do you love most about working for KT? Every day is different and I get to mix KTcollection with my personal interests and skills. As a contractor, Katie and I designed the store, and I built it. And as a good Frenchman, I import wines from the South of France, which we serve at our monthly wine events. What is better than wine and jewelry? Both make people happy, and I like that. 


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