Our Story

The story of KTcollection’s creation is as organic as the jewelry itself. In 2002, Katie Thompson was working as a junior editor at a glamorous New York magazine and whipping up necklaces and earrings as a hobby. Editors started eying her creations and asking her to design items for them. And then, the word was out. Boutiques around Manhattan began carrying her work, and Katie expanded her tiny stand at an East Village flea market to festivals and holiday boutiques all over the city.

In 2010, she opened her flagship store on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side. The neighborhood is a perfect fit for KTcollection, vibrant and close to Central Park and museums – giving the KTcollection team a chance to meet people from all over the world. Katie also hosts regular wine events at the store to stay rooted in the community and remind people that jewelry can be a spark for friendship and conversation.

While the company grows and flourishes each year, it remains a small, family business. Customers come back year after year for the personal touch, friendly service, and carefully curated product they find at Ktcollection.